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Why should you sell a home? Is this a financial necessity, or a purely financial investment? No one should decide to sell a home on a whim. Selling a home is a serious decision, and deserves to be treated with careful consideration.





Knowing what you are selling is the key to obtaining the best price. Consider the positives and negatives of your property. Your expectations should be reasonable and well informed. Having a capable and qualified agent work with you is a highly beneficial aspect. I would even offer that it is almost a requirement. Knowing what your home is worth is crucial to achieving the best price possible.




3. Keep In Touch With yOUR agENT.

Meet those interested in buying. Contact your agent regularly. Know who is looking at your home, and follow up with those that are interested. Provide information, and make the process as easy as possible. A dis-interested seller can turn a potential buyer away. By staying involved, you will inspire confidence in your agent, those who look at your home, and ultimately you will achieve a better sale, than if you wash your hands of the whole matter.





Once the papers are signed, and the agreements are made, shake the buyer’s hand, and walk from the home. There is no sense in hanging on. Once the agreement is made, there can be no going back. This is really more of a friendly bit of advice. Regardless of how the deal came to fruition; through friendliness and cooperation, or bitterness and misunderstandings, it is over. Once the deed has changed hands, there is no going back. Let the whole experience go, but walk away wiser, richer, and confident in the fact that you have heave grown from the experience.